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Eng1A (Hull) Spring 2020: Depression and Mental Health Issues

A collection of resources to support topics and themes from the course.

About this page:

This set of resources is a selection that may be useful in supporting ideas for your research paper. It is not an exhaustive list!

Be sure to contact a librarian if you need additional help thinking about or finding resources for your project. 

Depression and Mental Health

How Do Stress and the Environmental Context Impact Depression?
This chapter from Depression 101 (2014) explores stress-related predictors of depression, including environmental and biological factors. Source: Durbin, Emily. Depression 101. Springer Publishing Company, 2014.

A Closer Look at Mindfulness and Positive Psychology
This chapter from a book aimed at teens discusses the role of mindfulness in addressing depression. 

Source: Abblett, Mitch, and Christopher Willard. Mindfulness for Teen Depression : A Workbook for Improving Your Mood. Instant Help, 2016.

Family Influences on Adolescent Development
Community Influences on Adolescent Development

These two chapters from the introductory section on Adolescent Behavior Problems discuss influences of family and community on teens. This book also contains helpful chapters on prevention and treatment. Source: Gullotta, Thomas P., et al. Handbook of Adolescent Behavioral Problems : Evidence-Based Approaches to Prevention and Treatment. Springer, 2005.

 Mental Health Practice with Children and Youth: A Strengths and Well-Being Model
This book presents new insights into successfully working with children by concentrating on their capabilities and resilience. Includes chapters on resilience, family influences, and peer relationships. The "Adolesence" chapter discusses ethnic and gender identity.

Source: Helton, Lonnie R., and Mieko Kotake Smith. Mental Health Practice with Children and Youth : A Strengths and Well-Being Model. Routledge, 2014.