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Gavilan Library Textbook Options: Full Textbooks Online

Physical and digital options for checking out textbooks

Full Textbooks Online Through Gavilan Library

The library has available scanned copies of many course textbooks.

These are available online for two-hour checkouts. 

You can check out a textbook online here

Or you can type in a search in OneSearch on the library homepage, then at the top of the results page, click on "Online Textbooks."

Online textbooks limiter above search box on results page, as described in accompanying text.


On the main "Library Textbooks Online" page, you can browse for your course subject (e.g., Child Development, English, etc.) and then by individual course. 

All books required by any instructor for a course may be available, so check the required textbooks with your instructor after registering. 

Once you locate a book, click on its cover or title.

Choose a textbook to open, as described in accompanying text.


Notice that in the example below, there is both a PRINT copy ("available at Gilroy Campus Course Reserve") and an online version available. 


Print and online versions in OneSearch, plus sign in prompt as described in accompanying text.

To access the digital version, you need to sign in with your MyGav login and pin. 

Once you are logged in, you will be able to scroll and select the book by its title just above the note that says it's available online for two-hour checkouts. 


Opening a digital text: image to accompany descriptive text above.


Navigating Your Digital Content

Once you pull up your textbook, you have two hours to access it. To check on your remaining time, click on the hourglass in the upper right corner.  If you finish your work before your two hours are up, please click on the "Return Early" link just to the right of the hour glass. This way, if anyone else is waiting to use the resource, they can access it once you have checked it back in. 

Because of copyright limitations, the browser does not allow you to print or save pages. 

Navigating the digital text browser as described in accompanying text.

Joining the Waitlist

If someone else is currently using the textbook you're trying to access, you will see this note just below the link for the book:

"This item can only be checked out by 1 user at a time. Please join waitlist."

Waitlist message in OneSearch, as described in accompanying text.

If you click on the title of the book or on that message, you will see a similar message and a link:

"The number of concurrent users has reached the limit
Join the waitlist and you will receive an email when the resource is available."

Below that is an invitation to join the waitlist. The number of other people waiting for this resource is indicated, so you have an idea about how long it will be before the book becomes available to you.   In the example below, the message indicates "0 users," which means there are currently no other people waiting to use this book. 

Waitlist message with link to join, as described in accompanying text.

When you click on the link to join, you are provided with the e-mail address where a message will be sent to you when the book is available. If there are other people on the waitlist, you will have 20 minutes to access to book before your opportunity is removed and given to the next person on the waitlist. Please keep your e-mail open as you wait for the book to become available!

Waitlist confirmation, including the email address to which notification will be sent, as described in accompanying text.